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What happens on this call?

What to expect on your call.

What is the purpose of this call?

During this call, we will determine 2 things. The first is whether we can actually help you fix your issues and the second is to ensure we are a good fit for one another. We are very selective with the projects we take on because we want to be able to deliver great results for our clients. We don't take on jobs for the sake of getting paid. Your success is our success, one of the very values our business is built on.

How long will the call last for?

The call will last for 15 minutes. During this time we will ask a number of questions regarding your business and website. Some questions may seem forward but this is to help us determine whether we are suitable for you. We don't like wasting people's valuable time.

Are you going to try to sell me something?

Nope, not at all. We will not try to sell you a thing on this call. This call is all about your business and the problems you need to be solved. If we can help you and you wish to proceed, we will book a second session.

Can we do this over Zoom?

No. This call is strictly a phone call due to the time limitations. You are busy and so are we.

Is this really free?

It most certainly is.
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