Build and they will come

Build It And They Will Come... But Probably Not

Unfortunately a lot of business owners have the misconception that when they launch a website it will instantly have great traffic and be on the first page of Google. Growing up I remember hearing the saying "Build it and they will come". This could not be further from the truth for a website... In fact, if launching a website was the first and only step in your marketing strategy, you are in a lot of trouble.

The Problem

There are a lot of websites on the Internet. Around 1.5 billion at the time of writing this article and a good percentage of them are trying to stand out and draw in traffic. That is a lot of competition.

When you first launch a website, if you haven't told anyone about it, no one will know it will exist which is a huge problem. No traffic = no conversions. You have just invested thousands of dollars in building a fantastic website and you would like to see a positive return.

The Solution

Two simple words: Digital Marketing. Well before you launch your business website you should spends month developing a brand on all the major social media platforms and build an email list. You need to establish yourself as an industry leader on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and any other platform where you think your target market hangs out. You want to build an audience that is hopefully your perfect customer.

Quantity is not always important when building your audience. You want to engage people who genuinely have an interest in your products or services.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating content for your audience on social platforms. Your goal is to position yourself as an expect in your field, not be a pushy sales person. Do not try and sell to your audience from the first post, instead provide them with free, quality content that they will benefit from. If your audience see's value in your content, you will build a relationship with them and when you do eventually promote your services and products, they will be more likely to support you.

Joining and contributing to social groups is also a great way to make connections and further build you audience. It seems there is a group for just about everything on Facebook. Join groups that have people talking about the industry you are in. When people ask questions, provide quality responses and build yourself a reputation. Remember you are in the group not as a sales person but just someone wanting to help and provide advice. In time, members will see you as an expect and learn you are a business owner and hopefully follow your business profiles.

Although simple in theory, these processes takes time and a lot of effort. The good news is you can achieve this without investing any money in paid advertising or pay-per-click campaigns. When your business website is ready to go live, you will now have a following to promote it to giving you instant web traffic and hopefully sales. You should then continue the processes for the life of your business.

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