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There are some conditions we require before working with anyone.


You Have Goals

The most successful projects are the ones that have clear objectives. These objectives provide vision and direction that will ultimately guide the project to completion. Only you know your business and its short and long-term goals. We can just help you make them a reality.

You Have Passion

Passion is the life source of any project. It provides the desire to create a successful product. If you are super enthusiastic about your business and the unlimited possibilities that digital products can bring, then we want to work with you.

You Have Budget

Let's not beat around the bush here. Digital products can cost a pretty penny or two and a suitable budget must be allocated to such projects. Be honest about your budget and that way we can confidently tell you what can and can't achieve with your investment. Just like your business, SevenDev must also be able to keep the lights on. Besides the best work and results occur when there is a sufficient budget.

You Have a Team

For a project to run smoothly, on time and on budget, your business must have a dedicated person who can manage things on your end. We have developers who are ready to work on your product and meet deadlines but this is difficult if no one can answer phone calls, attend meetings or send resources when requested.

You Have Time

Depending on functionality, an average project can take 4-12 weeks. During this time you will have our undivided attention and we would like to get the same in return. If you don't have time for your project, then we might not be the best match. However, if you do then we can truly make some magic happen.

You Have Resources

At SevenDev we build websites and we are incredibly good at it. What we don't do is logo design or content writing, however, we do require you to have both items before starting a project with us. Now, they don't have to be entirely completed but those resources do help immensely when we design your website. Other resources we hope you would have are business images, branding guides and any documents that are to be included in the build.
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