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Maintenance Scope

Content Changes

Content updates are changes that can be performed within 30 minutes, including:

  • Adding or changing existing content or styling
  • Adding or updating course content
  • Adding new blog posts
  • Adding new content to existing pages, including text, forms, images, and video
  • Adding new pages based on a current page as a template
  • Adding new forms for lead magnets
  • Editing or resizing images

The following may also be applied as content updates upon consultation and agreement on the scope. In the event that we take any of these tasks on as part of the maintenance plan, they will take longer than usual content updates to complete.

  • New pages with new designs/layouts may be requested via consultation, and if accepted will require advanced notice.
  • Support for other applications or services such as ConvertBox, ThriveCart and MailerLite settings management
  • Email campaign additions and updates
  • Sale funnels or design

Note: Complex requests may require their own project that is billed separately.

Consultation and Content Updates hours do not roll over to the next month and are reset at the beginning of each billing period.

Website Fixes and Restores

Although we provide 24-hour uptime monitoring, we will only fix or restore your website during business hours. On occasions, there may be times when we will be able to accommodate outside of these hours.

Monthly Strategy Calls

Some of our maintenance plans come with a monthly strategy call. The time allocated to this call depends on the plan selected. Customers on the Premium Maintenance plan may split their allocated time into 2, 30 minutes sessions.

If your plan does not include a strategy call, your primary method of communication is our support email. If you do require a strategy call, this will be billed at the hourly rate of $85.

The preferred method for strategy calls is online via Google Meet.

Discounted Hourly Rate

While on a maintenance plan, your ad hoc hourly rate for work outside of the inclusions is $85 per hour. This rate is subject to change and is not fixed for the life of your maintenance plan.


The following are not included in care plans, however, we would be happy to provide a quote for additional services.

  • Content, Blog posts, email copywriting or copyediting
  • Graphic design, video editing or custom icon creation
  • Development of PDFs or Infographics
  • Marketing or Advertising
  • Adding new courses
  • Complex sales funnels
  • Automation
  • Web hosting

If requests fall outside this definition, or the time required goes beyond your plan, we will let you know the time impact and offer options to accommodate getting the work done, possibly with additional billing.

By signing up for one of our plans, you accept the scope outlined above.

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