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Elevate your connections and boost your rewards with our exclusive referral program! Calling all trendsetters and network mavens – refer a thriving business to our top-notch WordPress agency and watch the magic unfold!
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SevenDev's referral program can help you make bank 🤑

Do you want a few extra dollar bills in your pocket? Invite your friends to experience top-tier web services with SevenDev and as a token of our appreciation, we’ve created a generous cash referral rewards program.
It's a win-win.
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Seize the opportunity to earn.

At SevenDev, we take pride in our reputation as the leading web design agency in Brisbane. To celebrate our success, we've launched an exclusive referral program for our valued friends and clients. Sharing the benefits is simple and is a win for everyone.

Full Site Development

As a token of our gratitude, we're thrilled to offer you a whopping $300 for each successful referral that converts into a dazzling website project. It's not just about business; it's about building a digital empire together. Seize the opportunity to turn your connections into cash and make your network work for you!
Website Referral Program

Website Maintenance Plans

Unleash the power of your connections and secure your tech-savvy triumph with our maintenance referral program! Is your circle in need of website TLC? Seize the opportunity to be the hero! Refer a business to our agency for a sleek and seamless website maintenance plan, and score a cool $150 in your pocket
Website Referral Program

Share the wealth.

Refer your friends to SevenDev for a remarkable website build or website care plan, and enjoy a cash referral bonus when they make their second payment. All you need to do is have your friend mention your name when they initially reach out to us or facilitate an email introduction between them and us.

  • For every referral that results in a website build, we will pay you $300.
  • For every referral that results in a maintenance plan, we will pay you $150.

No need for complicated affiliate links—referral checks will be issued directly in your name. If your referral fees accumulate to $600 or more within a calendar year, we'll reward you with an additional $200 bonus.

The fine print.

To ensure fairness and eligibility:

  • Referrals must be new clients.
  • The referral fee does not apply to other services.
  • You cannot refer your company or a business you own or work for.
  • If your referral signs up for a new website build and a website care plan, you'll receive a single referral fee of $300.
  • Referrals must sign a contract or commence services within 90 days of their initial contact with us.

Join SevenDev's referral program today.

Help us continue to provide outstanding web solutions while rewarding you for your support! Complete the form below to refer someone you know.
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Is there a limit to how many referral payments can be made in a year?

No. There is no limit to how much you can earn in a single year from referrals. If you earn more than $800 of referral income in a single calendar year, you will also receive an additional $200 bonus as a thank you.

How are referral fees paid out?

Referral fees are paid out via PayPal or bank transfer.

Can I refer my friends and family?

Sure. As long as you aren't an employee of the business, you may refer however you like.

How long does a refer stay valid for?

Referrals must sign a contract or commence services within 90 days of their initial contact with us.
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