Powerful online stores that sell. Your shop needs to be a sales machine that runs on autopilot. We have some great products to make that happen.
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We build WooCommerce websites that convert more sales.

WooCommerce is a WordPress-based platform that is completely free but highly powerful and flexible. With thousands of plugins available, WooCommerce is expandable adding functionality to your store at any time. WooCommerce grows with your business and we have some great products and strategies that can transform your online store into a selling powerhouse.

We know what makes a successful online store.

Many components make an online store successful. A website that looks great is only a small part of that equation.
eCommerce platforms must be reliable and scalable to grow with your business needs.

SevenDev are experts in the leading industry platforms and can help you get noticed by your potential customers. We create strategies that will increase your ROI and build intuitive solutions that your staff will love using.
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Feature-rich online stores that convert traffic into sales.

Product Variations
Provide your customers with options when selecting products such as size and colour.
Product Variations
Detailed Reports
Keep track of monthly or yearly sales with reports built into your admin panel.
Advanced Shipping
Advanced Shipping
Offer your customers various shipping options and control where you deliver.
Payment Gateways
Payment Gateways
All major payment gateways are supported including PayPal, Stripe and eWay.
Simple Checkout
Simple Checkout
A distraction-free checkout process that increases conversion rates.
Coupons and Discounts
Coupons & Discounts
Create unlimited coupons and discounts based on set criteria.
Digital and Physical Products
Digital & Physical Product
Sell both products for download or physical shipping.
Security & Encryption
Full security and encryption to keep your customer data safe.

One website that sells on all devices.

We build websites that work and look great on all internet-capable devices. Our websites adapt to the screen they are being viewed on which means your content is always accessible to your customers.

We don't create cookie-cutter websites that look the same as your competitors. We produce affordable solutions made specifically to enhance your unique brand.
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Website For All Devices

Perfect for all types of online stores.

Furniture Stores
Electronics Store
& Computers
Physical Services
Beauty and Health Stores
& Beauty
Sports Stores
Sports &
Food and Beverage Stores
Food &
Digital Stores
Toy Stores
Toys &
Clothing Stores
& Shoes
Online Marketplaces
Hardware Stores
Garden &
Online Courses

Plus More
Plus More
Ecommerce Integrations

Integrations that work.

Have your online store integrate with the world's best third-party services including Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Afterpay, Australia Post, Facebook and many many more.

Connecting your online store to these providers gives you the ability to harness targeted advertising, abandoned cart email campaigns, shipping quotations and any other functionality a service provider can offer to your WooCommerce website.
Amplify Sales For Your Business

Blueprint for online success.

Developing a new website that employs powerful marketing and lead-generating techniques is hugely beneficial to every business. However, your online store is just one important part of a larger puzzle to achieve outstanding success.

Our 12-month Blueprint for Online Success will not only provide you with a great website but also all the tools, techniques and strategies to transform your online presence and amply your online store. Have your website work harder for your business so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Our blueprint is designed to take your business to new heights by focusing on growth and your business goals. We work with you month-by-month to ensure every aspect of the plan is providing you with a positive ROI.
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Ecommerce Blueprint

Already have a site? Our WooCommerce products will amplify your online store.

Checkout Amplifier

The checkout amplifier creates a distraction free checkout experience that simplifiers the shopping experience and removes checkout bottle necks. By removing bottlenecks, shoppers are more likely to complete the checkout process which results in more sales for your website.

The simplified checkout creates positive shopping and user experiences which will be beneficial in creating repeat business.

Product Visualiser

Sometimes images of a product just don't cut it. Customers need to feel confident in their choices before they will commit to a purchase. The Product Visualiser adds 3D models of your products to your online store so your customers can see and experience very angle. Customers can even customise colours so they can see the exact product they are buying.

This technology is perfect for websites displaying furniture, vehicles, equipment and everything between.

Conversion Optimiser

The conversion optimiser helps turn visitors into paying customers by making use of a number of email marketing techniques. Email to this day is still one of the best marketing tools that a business can utilise and can drive sales dramatically for an online store.

This is all done by making use of your existing email marketing system. If you are yet to implement one in your business, we can help you select the right platform and ensure it meets your business needs.

Companion Product Maximiser

The Companion Product Maximiser is aimed to increase the number of products in any given sale. It creates relationships between your products and displays suitable cross-sells and up-sells, subtly prompting shoppers to add a second product to their cart. Our techniques are not forceful, being careful not to diminish the shopping experience. It is the same as asking "Would you like fries with that?" but in a way that won't annoy your customers. 

Website Speed Boost

Website performance is an important factor of any business site. The longer your website takes to load the more people will leave you for your competition. Our website speed boost service scans through your website and looks for opportunities where performance can improve. We use the latest technologies and services that will make your website perform at its best.

We've been able to shave up to 9 seconds off load times for WooCommerce websites which resulted in more sales.

Beautiful online stores we've built.

Is your WooCommerce store uninspiring? We can make your shop front look and function great for your customers.
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Epic Office Furniture

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our eCommerce services?

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I already have a WooCommerce site, will you work on it?

In most circumstances, we can work with your existing WooCommerce website without too many complications. If your website has been poorly built then this may cause issues. If you know the performance of your website is not great, then it is better to fix those problems first before adding more functionality.

How long does it take to build an online store?

As with all website builds there is no one size fits all answer. It depends on the size and complexity of your website. Content also has a great impact on the overall project life cycle. When a client has all their website content and product information ready (including images), the development item is greatly reduced. We have built online stores with 1000 products in 4 weeks while some very small sites have taken months. For an accurate timeline based on your unique project needs, please contact us or schedule a call.

How much does an online store cost to build?

Many aspects determine the cost of an online store. These include functionality and integrations required, product types and number of products and standard pages. On average the starting point of an online store build is $8000.

For us to provide you with an accurate quote, we need to learn and understand your business, your goals and what you are hoping to achieve with your online store. It would be best for us to have a quick 15 min chat so can discuss your requirements. Schedule a call to get the process started.

Do you build with any other eCommerce platforms?

At this stage, we only build online stores or build functionality with WooCommerce.

Will you upload all my products into my new online store?

We can upload all your products into your store once your site has been built, however, this will incur costs. During your initial consultations, we will ask if you would like SevenDev to upload your products and we will include the price for this work in your quote.

If you would like to save some money on your project, you are welcome to upload products yourself. We have tutorial videos we can provide to assist you in this process.

Who looks after my online store once it's built?

Many moving parts need to work together for your online store to perform amazingly well. Software updates, security monitoring, backups and content adjustments are all part of looking after an online store once it is live. Many clients don't want the hassle or stress of looking after their websites themselves. Due to this, we have created a monthly e-commerce support plan where you get our team to look over your website every month you are on the plan. It's like having your own personal developer. Plans are $499 per month and are limited, so contact us to get started.
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