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Pixel-perfect website design. Have comfort knowing that your website will not only look good but also load fast.
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A website is your storefront.
Let's impress your customers.

The way your website is presented to your customers has never been more important. Your customers are online and they have plenty of options. You must stand out from your competitors whilst presenting your business as a credible source of information and services. Most of the time you only get one chance to do this, so first impressions count.

At SevenDev we create websites that are an extension of your business. Well-designed websites should be integrated into the company’s overall operation, and add value to the business and your customers. Every decision we make is focused on your goals, your customers’ needs and your return on investment.

We help you transform your online presence!
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Web design services we offer.

We don't offer every service under the sun. We prefer to be the best at just a few things that will amplify your business.

Full Site Development

From concept to delivery, full site development takes your concept and makes it a reality. SevenDev creates your site exactly how you want it with the best web technologies making your site not only look great but blazing fast.
Full Website Development

Mobile Web Conversions

Do you have an old site that looks good but doesn't work well on all digital devices? We can take your old site and perform a full mobile conversion giving your audience the best possible user experience on mobile, tablet and desktop computers.
Mobile Website Conversions

Online Stores

eCommerce is the future of retail. If you are not selling goods online you are potentially missing out on customers and revenue. SevenDev are eCommerce experts and can deliver strategies to boost your online sales using the world's best platforms.
WooCommerce Development

WordPress Themes

Is your website powered by WordPress but looking outdated? We create pixel-perfect WordPress themes that support your business brand without the code bloat of pre-made themes. Our themes are mobile-ready, SEO friendly and are built using best-practice web standards.
Custom WordPress Themes

Website Optimisation

A slow site is a dead weight for your business. In today's tech age your visitors expect your website to be fast and snappy. Utilise our website optimisation services to maximise the performance of your pre-existing site and generate more leads that convert into sales. It's a win-win!
Website Optimisation

Learning Management

Selling and delivering online education is a rapidly expanding business model. SevenDev uses the latest LMS technology that supports assessments, quizzes, progress tracking and drip-fed content. Systems can handle a range of content types supporting inclusive practices.
Learning Management Systems
User interface Design

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Your website will be great.
It will also be...

Easy to edit websites
Easy to Add/Edit Content
Management systems that allow you to control all aspects of your site.
Search engine friendly websites
Search Engine Friendly
Our code is written to make Google and other search engines happy.
Professional one of a kind website development
One of a Kind
No cookie-cutter websites here. Your site will be unique to your business branding, requirements and goals.
Engaging and impactful website content
Engaging and  Impactful
Leave a lasting impression on your visitors that will make them come back over and over again.
Turn your website into a marketing machine
A Marketing Machine
Have your site generate incoming leads on auto-pilot. We offer automated systems to reduce labour.
A website should be an investment
An Investment
Your website should make you money, not cost you money and time.

Blueprint for online success.

Developing a new website that employs powerful marketing and lead-generating techniques is hugely beneficial to every business. However, your website is just one important part of a larger puzzle to achieve online success.

Our 12-month Blueprint for Online Success will not only provide you with a great website but also all the tools, techniques and strategies to transform your online presence and amply your business. Have your website work harder for your business so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Our blueprint is designed to take your business to new heights by focusing on growth and your business goals. We work with you month-by-month to ensure every aspect of the plan is providing you with a positive ROI.
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Digital Dashboards

Our development process.

A well-structured process that keeps a project on schedule and budget.
It is our systems that make working with SevenDev a breeze.

1. Consultation

Understanding our client's needs is the most important part of any project. An initial meeting is the best way for us to get to know your business and what you need to achieve.

2. Wireframing

After the consultation, our designers and developers will research the best solutions for your project. We will then present you with our findings through documentation and wireframing.

3. Prototyping

Our designers will create a full mock (images) of what your project will look like when it's completed. We also add basic interactivity so you can see how your website will flow.

4. Development

Our developers get to work and make the magic happen. They will code your project and perform in-depth testing to ensure your website performs and works as intended.

5. Production

After the project is completed and the work passes a quality review it will be made live for its intended use. During the next month after launch, we will fix any bugs that might arise for free.

6. Feedback & Evaluation

We like to measure the success of our products based on your feedback and business goals. This information allows us to determine any alterations that may be needed to your site to improve its purpose and performance.

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How much does it cost to build a new website?

All websites are different, therefore it is impossible to offer a single price point. Before we can give you an accurate quote, we first must understand your business, the project requirements and the goals you wish the achieve. Once we have this information, we can put a plan of action together and make an informed decision regarding an estimate.

Before any quoting begins, we first must have a discovery session with you to ensure we know all aspects of the project and ensure our businesses are a great fit for one another. We only work with businesses where we know we can benefit them. We don’t want to risk your investment and neither should you. We advise not working with any agencies that aren’t willing to do their full diligence before taking on a project.

How long does it take to build a new website?

The time it takes to build a site can vary depending on site size, functionality and complexity. The minimum build time is 6 weeks with the average being around 8 – 12 weeks. The project time is broken into 3 distinct phases; discovery, design and development. The most time-consuming part of any project is gathering and writing content. If you have your content ready to do, this speeds up the design and development phases considerably.

Will you create content for my website?

SevenDev does not offer content writing as a service but we can recommend copywriters if you do not wish to write the content yourself. We will help you source website images, however, if there are costs associated with obtaining images, they will be added to the final invoice.

Can you add functionality to an existing site?

In some cases, it is possible to add functionality to an existing website, however, it does come down to several criteria.

1. Your website is built in WordPress or another platform we develop with
2. It won’t cause performance issues to your existing site

In some cases, if the new functionality is complex and extensive it is easier to rebuild the website from the ground up to accommodate the new features. This way the website will perform at its best and provide a great user experience.

What are the terms of payment for a website build?

For a website build our payment schedule is as follows:

50% deposit upfront once functionality and design have been agreed upon
30% instalment near completion of the application
20% balance once the application has been tested and everyone agrees it is ready to go live.

We require a 50% deposit to cover upfront costs to build your website and to pay our team.

Who looks after the website once it's built?

Ensuring that your website succeeds in meeting your expectations and business requirements is very important to us. When we hand the website over to you, we want to ensure that it continues to thrive and perform at its best. For this to happen regular maintenance such as software updates must be performed. Some clients may not have the capability in their business to perform these tasks. That is why SevenDev offers monthly maintenance plans.

Being on a maintenance plan is like having your own personal web developer on staff without the hassle of expense and management. You’re getting the SevenDev team in your corner, and our eyes on your website every month so you don’t have to worry about security or unnecessary downtime. Your site will be up-to-date and performing at its best when your clients need it. You can learn more about maintenance plans here:
SevenDev - WordPress Growth Agency

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