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Website Design

Pixel perfect website design. Have comfort knowing that your website will not only look good but also load fast.

One website, accessible on all devices.

We build websites that work and look great on all internet capable devices. Our websites adapt to the screen they are being viewed on which means your content is always accessible to your customers. 

We don't create cookie cutter websites that look the same as your competitors. We produce affordable solutions made specifically to enhance your unique brand.
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Pixel Perfect Web Design

Web design services we offer.

Full Site Development

From concept to delivery, full site development takes your concept and makes it a reality. SevenDev creates your site exactly how you want it with the best web technologies making your site not only look great but blazing fast.

Mobile Web Conversions

Do you have an old site that looks good but doesn't work well on all digital devices? We can take your old site and perform a full mobile conversion giving your audience the best possible user experience on mobile, tablet and desktop computers.

Online Stores

E-Commerce is the future of retail. If you are not selling goods online you are potentially missing out on customers and revenue. SevenDev are e-commerce experts and can delivery strategies to boost your online sales using the worlds best platforms.

WordPress Themes

Is your website powered by WordPress but looking outdated? We create pixel perfect WordPress themes that support your business brand without the code bloat of pre-made themes. Our themes are mobile ready, SEO friendly and are built using best-practice web standards.

Website Optimisation

A slow site is dead weight for your business. In today's tech age your visitors except your website to be fast and snappy. Utilise our website optimisation services to maximise the performance of your pre-existing site and generate more leads that convert into sales. It's a win win!

Learning Management

Selling and delivering online education is rapidly expanding business model. SevenDev uses the latest LMS technology that supports assessments, quizzes, progress tracking and drip-fed content. Systems can handle a range of content types supporting inclusive practices.

Our websites come with powerful features that you'll love.

Powerful Admin Panel
Management systems that allow you to control all aspects of your site.
Search Engine Optimisation
Our code is written to make Google and other search engines happy.
Site Backups
Automated site backups to your favourite cloud storage.
Best practice security measures to ensure your website data is safe.

Going mobile has never been easier... or more important.

More people browse the internet using smartphones than any other device. For this reason every website must be mobile accessible. Google will also rank websites higher if they support a range of devices. Does yours meet Google's standards? You can check here.

We build beautiful websites that work on all devices regardless of screen size. There is no need to miss out on potential customers or sales due to device incompatibility. You will love it and so will search engines.

Our development process.

1. Consultation

Understanding our clients needs is the most important part of any project. An initial meeting is the best way for us to get to know your business and what you need to achieve.

2. Wireframing

After the consultation our designers and developers will research the best solutions for your project. We will then present you with our findings through documentation and wireframing.

3. Prototyping

Our designers will create a full mock (images) of what your project will look like when it's completed. We also add basic interactivity so you can see how your website will flow.

4. Development

Our developers get to work and make the magic happen. They will code your project and perform in-depth testing to ensure your website performs and works as intended.

5. Production

After the project is completed and the work passes a quality review it will be made live for it's intended use. During the next month after launch we will fix any bugs that might arise for free.

6. Feedback & Evaluation

We like to measure the success of our products based on your feedback and business goals. This information allows us to determine any alterations that may be needed to your site to improve its purpose and performance.

You will never look at code.

It's no secret that looking at code can be intimidating and their is no reason why clients should have to put themselves in that position. We understand that your job is to run your business. Not be a web developer. With a SevenDev website you will never have to look at code to manage your website.

We create point and click solutions that give you the power to add, edit and delete content from your website through a beautiful and simple user interface.

Start generating more business today

Contact SevenDev to see what we can do for you!


Start generating more business today

Contact SevenDev to see what we can do for you!

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