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Website Speed Boost

Over time your WordPress website will slow down. 
Let us improve your performance and stability. 

What is a website tune-up?

Website performance is an important factor of any business site. The longer your website takes to load the more people will leave for your competition. Our website tune-up service scans through your website and looks for opportunities where performance can improve. We use the latest technologies and services that will make your website perform at its best.

Read more about website speed on our blog post: 
Why Your Website Runs Slow And How To Fix It.
SevenDev Speed Test
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How does a tune-up benefit your website?

Speed improvements benefit your website in a number of ways. These include: visitor retention, conversions, search engine optimisation and improved user experience. These are key components of a successful business website.

The average website loads in 6 seconds. With our helpful speed improvements your website will be anything but average. Stand out from the crowd with performance your audience will love.

What's involved to speed up your website.

We focus on important aspects that produce results.

Resource Optimisation

Many websites load resources that aren't being utilised correctly. This could be uncompressed images or other files that don't need to be loaded on a particular page. We dig through your whole website and optimise resources where possible to ensure your site is light weight and blazing fast. 

Database Optimisation

Over years of use, a WordPress database can begin to look like your email junk folder. Filled with long forgotten or unwanted data. Database optimisation is a spring clean for all your website data. The lighter your database the quicker your website content can be retrieved and displayed to your audience.

Server/Browser Caching

Browser cache is used by all modern browsers. When a visitor accesses your website, the browser will store the web files locally on the visitors computer. When the visitor navigates to another page, the browser will load whatever files it can from the computer hard drive rather than re-downloading them.

GZIP Compression

Just like you can create a ZIP file on your computer, you can do the same thing to your website files before sending over the internet. This results in significantly faster load times for your users as less information is being transferred.  

Reduce HTTP Redirects

Most websites these days run an SSL certificate to provide extra security and portray trust to your audience. If not configured correctly this can lead to unnecessary redirects causing your website to take longer to load. Our website tune-up will fix this issue and remove any 'Not Secure' warnings you see when running a SSL certificate. 

Reduce DNS Lookup Time

DNS lookup time is the amount of time it takes a domain lookup to occur while a browser retrieves a resource. Most web hosting servers that offer DNS have slow DNS lookup. By utilising industry grade technologies and services we can reduce DNS lookup sometimes by 2 seconds.

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Case Studies

Return on your investment is important to us. 
Read about some of the fantastic results our clients are achieving.

Epic Office Furniture

E-Commerce sites are prone to long loading times and this is mainly due the platforms themselves and the functionality clients require. Epic Office Furniture approached SevenDev to improve overall site performance and decrease load times, physical size and resource requests. After implementing a number of strategies and custom framework development by SevenDev the site was able to achieve an impressive result without removing functionality.
Epic Office Furniture Speed Test
360 Secure Speed Test

360 Secure

SevenDev were the original developers of the 360 Secure website, however after a marketing agency installed questionable functionality and  third party services the site was running slow. We performed a thorough clean up and optimisation of resources and were able to significantly improve load times and accessibility. Stripping out code bloat and running all site requests through a third party DNS service resulted in a site that is much more responsive to use and most importantly, generates leads.
*Current results may now vary from the time of initial testing.

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Can all websites achieve great speed increases?

Depending on the previous work a website has had completed will influence the results tune-ups can achieve. For example if your website is already running GZIP compression or caching, then it is likely no other performance improvements can be achieved in those areas.
The way in which a website is built will also influence the results as poorly written code can not be improved unless re-written.
Finally, the web server your website is hosted on will greatly impact your website speed. Some hosting packages are unable to obtain great results due to the limitations of hosting hardware. SevenDev will discuss all these factors during our initial consultation.

What types of websites will you perform a tune-up on?

SevenDev can perform tune-ups on any WordPress based website regardless of it's primary functionality. We will optimise online stores, membership sites or standard promotional/corporate websites.
We will also perform tune-ups on non WordPress sites that are built on HTML, CSS and JavaScript and PHP. 

Will a tune-up affect my organic search engine rankings?

Most likely, but only in positive ways. Search engines such as Google will actually rank sites that are well built higher than ones that aren't. You should never see a decline in SEO rankings purely from a tune-up as we do not change any content or your markup structure on your site. If you do see a decline, there is a very high chance it's due to some other occurrence.

Start generating more business today

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Start generating more business today

Contact SevenDev to see what we can do for you!

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