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SevenDev has over a decade of experience working with WordPress whether it be themes, plugins or full site builds. We love the WordPress infrastructure and can build powerful solutions based on the world's most popular content management system.

Custom Themes & Builds

Building a great WordPress theme that represents your business is a fine craft. Not all WordPress websites are built equally but ours are pretty amazing.
Custom WordPress Themes and Websites

Theme Installs

Have you bought a pre-made theme and want it installed and configured? We would be happy to help. We can also add your content.
Theme Installs

Site Maintenance

WordPress core and plugin updates made easy. Sit back and relax knowing our experts remove the risk often faced when updating.
WordPress Maintenance

Custom Functionality

Require functionality that isn't available out of the box. Our custom WordPress development services will suit your needs.
Custom WordPress Functionality
WordPress Development
DotsUser Interface Design

Why WordPress?

1. Free Platform
2. Flexibility
3. SEO Friendly
4. Easy to Manage
5. Safe & Secure
6. Future Proof

Free Platform

WordPress is free open-source software that is supported by thousands of developers around the world. It's big business and the world's most popular content management system powering around 30% of the internet. They are some pretty amazing figures and well deserved as WordPress is an excellent tool for website creation.

By using free open-source platforms, it means your website will have regular security updates with new functionality being added in future releases. Its popularity will continue to drive development for the platform and the tens of thousands of plugins that it currently supports.


WordPress works on a modular system which means you can add greater functionality to your site at any stage without a full website re-development. This plug-and-play style design keeps development costs down and gives site owners access to the WordPress plugin library which has over 50,000 plugins.

These plugins are often easy to configure and range from contact form builders to analytic tools, member portals and much more.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is written using standard compliance high-quality code and produces semantic markup. In non-geek terms, this makes Google and other search engines love WordPress. By design, WordPress is very SEO friendly out of the box. You can also use WordPress SEO plugins to further optimise your website.

All our WordPress-based websites come with a premium SEO plugin that comes with content analysis tools and help you produce rich metadata that is loved by search engines and social networks.

Easy to Manage

The days of contacting your developer to make a simple text change are over. WordPress comes with a beautiful yet simple graphical user interface that allows non-tech-savvy people to manage and adjust content. Create new pages and blog posts, or upload media to a new image gallery. WordPress gives you full control with a simple point-and-click.

WordPress provides the user with the ability to manage site configurations, user and account settings, security and website backups. Tasks that would normally be time-consuming or take complex code can be completed with ease with limited experience.

Safe & Secure

WordPress is built with security in mind and with regular updates you can rest easy knowing your WordPress website and site data are secure. By keeping plugins and the WordPress core updated you instantly decrease the risk of unwanted threats.

WordPress also has many plugins that tighten the security of your website and will detect intrusion attempts letting you know when someone is trying to access your website.

Future Proof

With WordPress powering around 40% of all websites on the Internet it is safe to say the platform will not be going away anytime soon. Some of the biggest companies utilise WordPress which is a billion-dollar industry supported by developers all over the world.

Due to its popularity, it makes it easy to find WordPress developers for future projects and creates a very competitive market, saving you money.

Beautiful websites we've built using WordPress.

Life Sciences Queensland
Fresh Fish Co
Universal Internet Services
FDB Commercial
Cove Co Work
WordPress Development

Need help maintaining your WordPress website?

90% of all WordPress security issues are due to outdated plugins and software. Security breaches, crashes or generally poor performance can cost your business thousands in lost sales and massive outlays to fix your website. Our website maintenance services ensure your site is updated with all the latest security patches and performance updates - and that issues are fixed promptly if they arise.
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Website Maintenance

Is your WordPress website running a little slow?

Website performance is an important factor of any business site. The longer your website takes to load the more people will leave for your competition. Our website speed boost service scans your website and looks for opportunities where performance can improve. We use the latest technologies and services that will make your website perform at its best.
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I'm a little tech-savvy, could I manage a WordPress site?

WordPress is built with a very intuitive interface to try and make it as easy as possible for website owners to manage/edit their content. In saying that, websites have a lot of moving parts that need to be regularly updated. Sometimes things don't go to plan and these updates could potentially break the functionality of your website. We offer maintenance plans that remove that risk and you can learn more about them here:

Do you build websites using any other content management systems?

No, we exclusively use WordPress for all our websites that require a content management system. We are good at building WordPress and we would rather stick with what we are amazing at.

Do you use any premium plugins on the WordPress websites you build?

Yes. We use several premium plugins for all our WordPress builds. These plugins are included in the initial cost to build the website and will need to be renewed every year at your expense. If you decide to go on one of the maintenance plans, these plugin costs are included in your monthly fee. In the scenario where you no longer want to be on a maintenance plan, you will then be responsible for purchasing your plugin licenses.

Do you use pre-made WordPress themes?

No. We try and avoid pre-made themes in most situations for the following reasons:

1. They are built for the masses and offer every feature under the sun. This is not a good thing as it increases your webpage size and as a result, your load time will suffer.
2. They are often poorly coded and will perform badly when analysed by Google.
3. It can be very difficult to add unique customisations without breaking the theme.
4. You often get a website that looks like many others and doesn't compliment your business branding.

We will only build with a pre-made theme if the client insists and it makes sense for the project. However, we cannot guarantee the great performance of your website due to the lack of control we have over the theme.

We believe that your website should be a direct extension of your business and therefore it should be unique to you.

My WordPress site went down can you fix it?

If you have a backup of your WordPress website (including both the files and database) it can be easily restored. If you don't backup at the website level, in most cases your website hosting provider should have you covered.

If no backup is available, then things get a bit trickier. We will need to go through many aspects of your website and try and find where the issue lies and fix it. Work is billed at $125 per hour + GST. Contact us to get your site back up and running.

Being a monthly maintenance plan reduces this risk as your website will be backup up daily and includes unlimited website restores. A maintenance plan keeps your website safe, and secure and if something does go wrong your downtime will be minimal.

You can learn more about maintenance plans here:
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